So who Is behind theLandLoper?

I was always into traveling since I was in primary school and now finally got the chance to start my own travel site where I can share my experience with other travel junkies, like myself. :)
Hi, my name is Timi and I'm the author of The Landloper. 

For me traveling means freedom, every time I hit the road it's a new opportunity to learn, to become more open, more confident and more creative.
My goal is to show you how to DIY trips to beautiful heaven-like destinations while not spending insane amounts of money.

If you're someone who likes places like Hawaii, Cuba, Mexico, Malaysia, Cambodia etc. and want to know how to make it happen with amazing accommodation, authentic programs and local vibe then my blog is the right place for you to start.

why are you going to enjoy my website?

I'm originally from Hungary and when I was 16 I traveled to Transylvania where almost 20% of the population is also Hungarian - it's a long story.
During my 10-day-long stay there I've realised how different the Transylvanian Hungarians are in a good way even though we have the same origins and that made me curious and more open minded and definitely wanted to know more about the world and different cultures to broaden my horizons.
You'll enjoy reading my page because I'm always after the unusual, the unknown, the authentic, the native.
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Why did i start writing a travel blog?

I've never been a fan of "sterile" packages although I've tried them, and to make everything unique and unforgettable I always dived into the deepest layers of the internet and gathered as much information as possible.

Starting from the most obvious traditions through the street view images of the potential accommodations to the local pharmacies and supermarkets I wanted to know possibly everything by the time we got there.

Actually I do this with all my journeys, like this I feel like I have a huge advantage and can focus on the important things like blending in and becoming a local for the coming weeks instead of wasting time on stuff like finding the bus stop or the best restaurants to eat.

I'm sure I'm not alone and like minded travellers are definitely going to enjoy reading my posts and are going to get loads of useful information ready for their travels.

My travel companion was always my husband, until 2019, when we had our little boy, so now we carry on with the adventures together - we are definitely a fun international bunch with me being Hungarian, hubby Italian and our little dude an interesting mix of the 2 of us - living in London. :D
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Want to join me on my journey?

Please do enjoy my site as much as I enjoy running it and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter below to stay in the loop for unusual travel stories, tips and tricks..

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